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Lithuanian Trade Unions’ League (further – League) – Lithuanian national trade union center was established on the 19th of November 2011 in Vilnius.

At the moment when the League was founded it had more than 5 thousand trade union members. The number of organizations willing to join to the League consistently grows.
Vydas Puskepalis was elected as chairman The deputy chairpersons elected: Romuald Zhukovsky; Algimantas Jasulaitis; Lina Pilinkaite – Sivaykina; and Vidas Grigalionis.

Congress is supreme body of the League. Coordination Council governs the organization between Congress meetings. Coordination Council ‘s meetings take place not rather than 2 times a year. Board of Directors is responsible for the everyday League’s decision-making and elected from Coordination Council’s members.

The main League’s activity guidelines for the current period are foreseen in the League’s Activity Programme adopted at the inaugural meeting of November 19, 2011.

In this difficult situation when trade unions in Lithuania struggle for increase of minimum monthly wage to employees and to secure their social guarantees, our organization is not aiming to make a split among the trade unions. On the opposite we expect that founding of the League will add new impulse in this struggle.

The League reassures general trade union values and principles of trade union solidarity. The League in it’s activities is open and democratic trade union unification and not related to any state or authority structures, employers and political parties. The League is seeking to develop partnership with democratic trade union unifications in Lithuania and national trade union unifications abroad recognized by international democratic trade union community.

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