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Vilnius Adult Education Centre (VAEC/ VSMC) invites you to study

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Vilnius Adult Education Centre (VAEC/ VSMC) invites you to study and provides an opportunity to obtain basic and secondary education at convenient time and in acceptable form 2014-2015 school years       



There are morning and evening classes in native languages (Lithuanian, Russian and Polish)

FREE CLASSES OF LITHUANIAN AS A STATE LANGUAGE are organized for foreigners and citizens of Lithuania who have no secondary education and who have arrived or returned to live and work in Lithuania and who want to continue their studies in Lithuania.



Once a week students are taught and consulted by teachers according to the basic and secondary adult education curriculum (in all the school subjects, separate school subjects and their modules).


• the Lithuanian language and literature;                                        • information technology;

• foreign languages (English, German, Russian) (A1, A2, B1);          • arts.

Persons, who have accomplished secondary education and are willing to revise certain subjects according to the secondary adult education curriculum:

     -are accepted to extra mural studies;

     -students have to pay for their teachers’ work (the teachers’ who revise the required school subjects of the secondary education curriculum with them).



There is an opportunity for distance learning for the students who are temporary not able to attend classes at the centre.


Persons who are wiling to obtain or to develop general, personal, social and objective/technical (professional) competences can study the required subjects.

The following subjects are suggested: The Lithuanian (state) language, the organization of events, Vilnius from the old times till today, ceramics, ornamentation and accessories, the creation of PowerPoint presentations and blog rolls (websites), the constructive solution of conflicts.


  • A person, willing to study a required subject of non-formal  adult education, has to pay for  his/her teacher‘s work( using his/her own budget).


Documents attached:

1. Personal Identification document;

2. Education document (incomplete basic or secondary education certificate, basic education certificate, secondary education certificate);

3. 1 photo (3x4cm);

4. name/surname change certificate and its copy (if the name/surname is different from that one in education documents)

*Permission to live in Lithuania - for foreign citizens.


11,Vykinto Street, LT-08118 Vilnius,
Vilnius Adult Education Centre

Telephone: (8~5) 275 15 77, (8-5) 272 33 29, (8-5) 279 06 44

Email: rastine@smc.vilnius.lm.lt

Webpage: http://www.vsmc.lt

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